Thursday, April 2, 2015

About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an unlikely fusion of rugged, old-school China and gleaming, western high-rises. The first thing visitors see is the forest of skyscrapers, amassed on Hong Kong Island – Hong Kong ‘Central’. To look down on these lofty structures, ascend Victoria Peak: it is a giddy view. You will see western influence on Central everywhere: businessmen that dash to-and-fro and streets that are named after British aristocrats. Still, the multitude of dim sum joints and markets mean tradition lives on.
About ¾ of Hong Kong is countryside comprised of parks, hills and woodlands and coastline.
The Star Ferry crosses Victoria Harbour to the peninsula districts of Hong Kong, and modern attractions like the Cultural Center and the Space Museum. If you are looking for less glitz and more local colour, Chungking Mansions are a maze-like sprawl of shops and hostels. Temples and billowing incense are everywhere. You have truly arrived in China.

How’s the weather in Hong Kong in April?

  • Temperature68-79 °F
  • Dry days15-
  • Average rainfall119 mm
  • Snow days0


  • Population7.1M
  • Local time1:57
  • CurrencyHong Kong Dollars


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